Thanks everyone for the all the hardwork. I was busy.

I will promise you this will be the very last message.

I am going to retire from here, and thanks for all the great contributions and all your help. Without you all, I wouldn't have made it though. Aqua, Bp (Inactive), Boomerang and Angry Hearts and the rest of you all, thank you so much with farewell.

My journey ended. Sadly to say, I am now in a serious need of work, and I am even busy gaming on the weekends, I don't have so much time to gather resources for the angry birds pop walkthrough. I will be discontinuing my videos as well. If you all wanted to continue the walkthrough, please make it yourself. I will be abandoning my current channel but interested contributor will continue from there. I am not very sure about when I will be back, but I am afraid it will be never be because I will be studying, and working, and have my own family. I am so sorry to say that.

But! If you guys need a conversation talk you can dm me on my instagram @cinfestmio. Just say that you are from AB Wiki and you are good enough. I love making friends! I have met some instagrammers that is like Angry Hearts and Bp, very friendly, I hope they will share it too.

Love you all,


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