Heyyo! It is been very long since I have left the wiki for months because of super tight schedules and personal fan issue. Now I am back in however not full form! As you can see, I am not a fan of AB again, but I will still do the walkthroughs, updating old levels on youtube.

Holy moly, over 4.5K views on youtube??? OMG, thank you guys! Was so busy and yet got so nice comments out there made by you guys! I am sad to say, however life is short and I need more people to do walkthrough with this simple but yet hard game Angry Birds POP!. I will do the video and you will do the walkthrough pages! I am now yes, sadly to say 20 years old, (yes I want to disclose my age I am aware and nothing to be afraid of). Good guys left the community months back, and met some of you. Bp101697 helped alot in this wiki (Correct me if I am wrong). I can't forget him and I will continue to progress my walkthrough without him and if he comes back again, I will be glad to hear!

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