In this blog I'll show my plasticine figures of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. My plasticine figures are based on official Rovio Entertainment's images (except Pigbo Baggins and Angry Birds-Harry Potter figures).

Angry Birds Toons characters

King Pig, Muscle Pig, Prisoner Pig

Jester Pig, Toy Seller Pig, Piglet

Princess Pig, Corporal Pig

Celebrity and heroes of the stories

Count Pigula, Elvis Presley Pig, Pigbo Baggins (my fictional character)

The Three Minionteers and D'Swinetagan

Winter and Christmas characters

Winter Pig, Santa Claus Pig, Rudolph Pig

Christmas Jay, Bomb Claus, Red Claus, Winter Chuck

Angry Birds-Harry Potter plasticine figures

Here I'll show my fictional characters based on characters from Harry Potter books and movies.

Main characters

Ron Weasley Bird, Harry Potter Bird, Hermione Granger Bird


Lord Voldemort Pig, Dolores Umbridge Bird, Death Eater Pig

Malfoy Family

Lucius Malfoy Pig, Draco Malfoy Pig

Bellatrix Lestrange Pig, Narcissa Malfoy Pig

Hogwarts professors

Rubeus Hagrid Bird, Albus Dumbledore Bird, Severus Snape Bird

This blog will be continued soon.

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