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This article is about the episode in Angry Birds Space. For the episode in Angry Birds Reloaded, see Utopia (Reloaded).

Utopia is the 4th episode in Angry Birds Space. Other foods in Utopia are popcorn, popcorn kernels that explode into 3 pieces of popcorn, wrapped candies, a waffle-like substance with maple syrup, donuts, cakes, and candy apples. In the background, Utopia has a dark pink sky with stars, pretzels, and clouds of frosting floating in the background. In the menu and first part game/level selection screen, the planet looks like a strawberry frosted doughnut covered with popcorn, lollipops, and wrapped candy, and Fat Pig is seen on the top left corner of the doughnut planet and a Pig eating the doughnut in the middle of it, just like the "Coming Soon" cardboard planet before the update. Multiple features were added in this update. Fat Pig has been added to this episode, and this is the first episode to feature Fat Pig as a boss.

Before the release of Utopia, the "Coming Soon" cardboard planet showed a pig eating a donut that was inside the cardboard that had a sign saying "Free", implying that a free version of Angry Birds Space would be released, however, this has yet to happen. However, on June 17 and the 21st as the HD version, the free version was eventually released that only included the first 10 levels of the episode Pig Bang from Angry Birds Space. (all levels in the current version)

This chapter also introduces Bubbles, who went to space and became Atomic Bird.

This episode also introduced popcorn, which is similar to the ice meteors that first appeared in Cold Cuts being that the kernel splits into three popcorns when punctured. It also had burnt popcorn. This is the first update in Angry Birds Space that didn't come as a full episode.

The pigs have an added chewing animation. Also, in addition to laughing, snorting and grunting, the pigs mainly make chewing, crunching, smacking, and burping noises.

Utopia's planet is a giant Donut. This is the first episode to receive more than one planet design: a cookie, a doughnut, a key lime pie, a jelly planet, and a caramel apple. This is the first time the Fat Pig appears as an enemy (first appearance level 4–10) and as an enormous boss (level 4-30). Bubbles appeared in the last update of Utopia, which came out on July 23, 2012. It first appears in Utopia level 4–11.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:


The Flock were convinced they had seen the last of Space King Pig and his cosmic cronies, but Super Red wasn't so sure. Using his mask's hyper-zoom vision he scanned the sector. He was right. The Piggies had retreated to a distant galaxy, a strange realm where the planets seemed to be made of grub. Worst of all, Big Bork was about to tuck into an eggsteroid!

Luckily reinforcements had arrived from Piggy Island. Feeling left out, Bubbles had made his way through the wormhole. Had the piggies finally bitten off more than they could chew?



Red notices a signal: he sees Fat Pig wanting to eat Ice Bird's Eggsteroid. Red becomes angry.


Birds defeat the Fat Pig who then becomes small and the Ice Bird retrieves the Eggsteroid. The Fat Pig sweats as the Birds glare at him.

New things[]


Atomic Bird (Atomic Bubbles) - Similar to normal Bubbles.


Fat Pig (Fat Pig) - Officially introduced in level 4–10. He is very strong. He is also the boss of level 4-30.


Jelly (Jell-O) - Introduced in level 5–1. It's a bouncing platform. cannot be destroyed

Popcorn (Popcorn) - Introduced in level 5–3. Worth 150 points when destroyed (10 points in Boss level).

Kernel (Kernel) - Introduced in level 5–3. Turns into 3 popcorns when it is broken.

Lollipop (Lollipop) - Introduced in level 5–3. Worth 3,000 points when you destroy it.


Utopia contains 30 levels.


See strategy at Fat Pig.


  1. Eggsteroid 9: 5–16
  1. Eggsteroid 10: 5-23


  • Utopia's name and concept are by an Angry Birds fan named Hayyie .
  • This is the first update in Angry Birds Space that doesn't use Pig-related names, for example, Pig Bang and Cold Cuts the first two worlds similar to Angry Birds Rio. However, the reason why Angry Birds Rio didn't include Pig-related names was that the Marmosets and the Caged Birds replaced the Bad Piggies. The only exception would be in the ending cut-scenes in the Angry Birds Rio episode Smuggler's Plane. The Mustache Pig and Medium Pig are about the eat the eggs when all of a sudden the Birds crash and reunite with the eggs and the Bad Piggies hide in the shadows.
  • The first world (Doughnut World) doesn't have any Eggsteroids, according to Rovio's news. The Eggsteroids are located somewhere in one of the levels in the Second World (Cake World) and one of the levels in the final world of Utopia (Candy Apple World).
  • This is the second food-based world in the games, specifically dessert-based, the first being Birdday Party. As a result, both worlds introduce Bubbles to their respective games.
  • In Utopia level 4–2, the stage resembles a billiards/pool table, with the rocks being the billiards/pool balls and the Angry Birds being the Cue Ball. The pigs can be found in all 6 of the table's pocket holes.
  • The Fat Pig first appears a common enemy in Utopia level 4-10 and has made more appearances in levels since that level.
  • The BOSS Fat Pig, which is the Fat Pig from the beginning cut-scene, awaits you in Utopia level 4–30 as a ravenous, "enormous" boss.
  • The ending cut-scene is where the Boss Fat Pig had shrunk and had been defeated and the Birds take away the Eggsteroid off him.
  • Funny Fact: In a teaser image of Utopia, the Fat Pig looks enormous and says, "ZOMG! MOAR CAKE!", the image is original. ZOMG is an inaccurate way to say Oh My God!.
  • The beginning cut-scene is where Red Bird uses his X-ray vision on his uber mask to spot Fat Pig in Utopia eating an Eggsteroid.
  • When the update of the first 10 levels came, the episode picture changed.
  • Utopia is the place for an imaginary perfect place that can be built in the future but is very improbable. The amount of giant candy and goodies is like a perfect dream so the name comes from it.
  • Originally, the level icons were dark pink recolors of the icons from Pig Bang, this was changed in the Pig Dipper update to the cookies seen today.



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