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Template:Theme Infobox Utopia 4-9 is the ninth level of Utopia.


The main defense is a bit challenging.


For Utopia 4-9 is to fire the Lazer bird into the bushes (and hidden wooden beam) of the northwest structure. The entire thing should drift off the west side and crumble. Now the hard part. Aim the Ice bird around “ten o’clock”; i.e., pull back almost directly along the length of the slingshot. The Ice bird should loop just past that northwest overhang and penetrate the main structure. If you detonate the TNT, the top-right pig should go sledding down the hill, hit the TNT, do a wicked flip, and pop. This is one of the coolest designed pig-pops that I’ve ever seen![1]


Angry Birds Space Utopia 4-9 Walkthrough 3-Star-0

Angry Birds Space Utopia 4-9 Walkthrough 3-Star-0


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