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The Vulture Droids are enemies that appear on the last level of the Bird Side of Battle Of Naboo (B3-20) and on the first levels of Master your Destiny's Pork Side.


They are spaceships that have a round center, with a dark teal rock-shaped top with two holes to expose eyes and other two to expose ears, there is a triangle-shaped snout with two green lights on each nostril, the round area shows symmetry on the center of a round area that contains a transparent glass dome, exposing the pig inside it which the eyes appear on the eye holes, crossed, in order to show a type of unconsciousness. The ears appear on the top left of the part and the torso appears exposed on the dome.

On the sides of the spaceship, there are metal spider-like connected to short metal cylinders that end in small plates. On the flight, the Vulture Droids use wings, that are round plates shaped and contain a less thick part, exposing green lights, just like the Tie Fighters.


The Vulture Droids appear first in the story in B3-20, where they are the only target-enemies of the level. There are 9 of them, 7 appear on the level without being attacked, other 2 come from pipes as reinforcements. Some of them are on land and sometimes shaking, others are flying, which fly weirdly, difficulting the player in catching them.

They are relatively strong, depending on the bird or strategy used in order to defeat them. If they are hit by a normal bird, they will start to lanch smoke, meaning that they need more two hits to be defeated, after being hit on the second time, they will start to launch fire, meaning that they are almost defeated, then, hitting they again will make them explode, launching their wings or legs that are suffer a short-circuit, which is harmless. The wings and legs are strong, protecting the center part.

After defeating all 9 Vulture Droids, the Naboo Royal Space Fighter will shoot two blue missiles at the Droid Control Ship, exploding it entirely and defeating Rune Haako in the process, which is the only way to defeat Rune Haako, as he is protected by a glass tube.

They also appear in the Master Your Destiny Tatooine space Pork Side levels, they have the same strength and are randomly arranged.


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