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Wake Up Chuck! is the third episode of the Angry Birds on The Run series of the second season. It premiered on June 27, 2020.


A mysterious, seemingly abandoned wasteland where nothing is quite what it seems. Does this describe Chuck's social life? Yes, but also the scene Chuck wakes up in – only this time, he has company.


Chuck is shown half asleep, surrounded by some artificial plants, hearing some snorting, laughing and giggling. Thinking it's Red, he says he doesn't want to go... to school. He eventually wakes up and assumes the noises and smell are coming from Red and Bomb, but it turns out to be the Pigs. Next, we see Chuck talking to King Pig, who is eating some spaghetti, so Chuck tells him he's got some on his face. King Pig questions Chuck, but he denies being an assassin, confirming who he is. King Pig decides to get rid of the canary, so he calls his minions. They roughly escort Chuck to a large clearing, all while the latter asks about his friends and where they are going. King Pig welcomes Chuck to "Oinktopia" (he thought of calling it Hamg-rila at first), saying that when he failed to return, this place is where they ended up, now it's their home, and they are stuck here forevermore. He laughs loudly, until Chuck bursts his bubble; he has the iPad from earlier. Chuck tells its battery is dead, so he suggests putting aside their differences to power it up. In deep thought, he thinks Chuck's lost it—coming to the point that birds and pigs are natural born enemies. He seemingly agrees, but drops a subtle hint that he's bound to betray Chuck. They try all sorts of things to power on the iPad, mainly by putting things inside the charging slot—some noodles, both ends of a banana, a spoon, a clothespin, et cetera. That night, unbeknownst to Chuck, King Pig was cooking up a plan that involves of course, betraying him (apparently the plan is SO dark, part of it on the drawing is censored).




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