Template:Theme Infobox Wall of Pigs Episode 1 Level I is the 1st wall of pigs level in Branch Out and the 1st wall of pigs level in Angry Birds Stella. It is the 12th level in Angry Birds Stella. To pass this level, you must pop all pigs with 6 Stellas. If you have extra birds left in this level, you will earn 10,000 points each bird.

Stella Three Stars.png Stars

Stella One Star.png : Pop 10 pigs

Stella Two Stars.png : 115,000 points

Stella Three Stars.png : 125,000 points


  • Use as least birds as possible. Do not use more than two.
  • You should attack at the center with the first bird. Sling her into the center and bounce from the rectangle wood block of the right structure to the thin ice block of the left structure then all pigs will be defeated except a pig above the right and a pig at the bottom of the left.
  • Use the second bird to clear the remaining pigs. See the video below for more information.



Angry Birds Stella Wall of Pigs Level 1 Walkthrough Branch Out Episode 1

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