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1000px-Angry birds friends menu pigtalespng

Weekly Tournament

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The Coming Soon picture for Tournament Mode.

Weekly Tournament is an episode in Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Star Wars (Facebook).

Angry Birds Star Wars (Facebook) Weekly Tournament

Angry Birds Friends Weekly Tournament:

You're supposed to play with your friends to see who can get the most points out of all the levels in a week. When the week is over, the top three players with the highest scores earn Bird Coins, and the next 6 levels will be released.

  1. 1st Place-Bird Coins × 200
  2. 2nd Place-Bird Coins × 100
  3. 3rd Place-Bird Coins × 50
    ABF birdcoin

    A Bird Coin

You cannot play levels from past weeks again most of the time, but sometimes levels are reused. 

ChuckRedBomb, or Matilda also compete with you in the game. 

Starting with Week 211 (June 1, 2016) [with the exception of Week 217 (July 14, 2016)], there are now two tournaments per week. 

Special Tournaments[]

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Aside from regular weekly tournaments, where levels are often repeated from past weeks, there have been a number of unique tournaments, with different settings, themes or new gameplay elements. All special tournaments have unique levels. Dates in parentheses refer to the starting dates of each tournament.

Week 16 (September 3, 2012)- Lotus F1 Team Tournament- A race car-themed tournament. For the duration of the tournament, all power-ups could be used in a level instead of the usual limit of two power-ups.

Week 24 (October 29, 2012)- Halloween Tournament 2012- Introduces Bubbles to Angry Birds Friends. All defeated pigs rise up from the ground as Zompigs and must be defeated once more. The final level features a Fat Zompig. Adds The Hunter as a limited-time power-up.  

Week 26 (November 12, 2012)- Lotus F1 Team Tournament II- An Angry Birds Star Wars-themed tournament. Again, all power-ups can be used in a level for a limited time.  

Weeks 29-32 (December 3–24, 2012)- Winter Tournaments 2012- Introduces snowballs that grow larger when pushed or rolled, snow cannons, and sleds. Adds Santa Bomb Bird and TNT Drop as limited-time power-ups. There are also a number of cosmetic differences- for instance, the slingshot resembles a pair of skis.  

Week 39 (February 11, 2013)- Valentine's Day Tournament 2013- Reintroduces the cannons from the Winter Tournaments, which now shoot hearts instead of snow.  

Weeks 61-66 (July 15-August 19, 2013)- Summer Tournaments- Cannons now shoot water balloons. (Takes some assets from Surf and Turf and Pigini Beach.)  

Week 68 (September 2, 2013)- Freddie for a Day Tournament- A tournament promoting the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Freddie for a Day fundraiser.  

Weeks 69-70 (September 9–16, 2013)- Rock in Rio Tournaments- A tournament themed after the annual Rock in Rio music festival. (Takes some assets from the discontinued Green Day episode.)  

Week 72 (September 30, 2013)- 25 Million Likes Tournament- Celebrates the Angry Birds Facebook page reaching 25 million likes.  

Weeks 76-77 (October 28-November 4, 2013)- Halloween Tournaments 2013- Zompigs return. Introduces the limited-time Wishbone slingshot, a Halloween re-skin of the Golden Slingshot. More cosmetic changes.  

Weeks 82-86 (December 9, 2013 – January 6, 2014)- Winter Tournaments 2013-2014- Introduces the limited-time Jingle Sling slingshot, which launches ornaments whenever a bird is flung.  

Week 91 (February 10, 2014)- Valentine's Day Tournament 2014- Mainly cosmetic changes.  

Week 94 (March 3, 2014)- Wingman Tournament- A superhero-themed tournament. The Wingman can be used for free during this tournament. El Porkador appears in the last two levels.  

Week 96 (March 17, 2014)- Bomb Tournament- All levels feature Bomb.  

Week 100 (April 14, 2014)- Easter Tournament 2014- An Easter-themed tournament with many cosmetic changes. For example, some pigs wear bunny or Easter Egg costumes.   

Week 105 (May 18, 2014)- Pirate Tournament- Besides the various cosmetic changes, cannons return with another new look. The Sea Monster Pig, which resembles the Fat Pig, also appears on the last level of the tournament.   

Week 108 (June 8, 2014)- Bird Cup Tournament- The first of two soccer-themed tournaments. Aside from cosmetic changes, it is noted that the Fat Pig appears (with the same strength as the Sea Monster Pig).   

Week 110 (June 22, 2014)- Summer Tournament 2014- A summer-themed tournament with the background and ground textures resembling those in Surf and Turf.  

Week 112 (July 6, 2014)- Bird Cup Championship- The second of two soccer-themed tournaments, with the same changes as the Bird Cup Tournament.   

Week 114 (July 20, 2014)- Chuck Tournament- All levels feature Chuck.  

Week 116 (August 3, 2014)- Wingman II - Revenge of The Cyporkador- Another superhero-themed tournament featuring El Porkador (who appears in the third and sixth levels). Again, Wingman can be used for free during the tournament.   

Week 120 (September 1, 2014)- Office Tournament- An office-themed tournament. Paper airplanes appear in some levels, some of them suspended in the air holding items or pigs. Hitting the airplanes cause them to fall somewhat slowly.   

Week 122 (September 15, 2014)- Bouncy Tournament- All six levels feature bouncy objects.  

Week 124 (September 29, 2014)- Sneak Peak (Unlock the Flock) Tournament- Part of the Unlock the Flock event that ultimately led to the reveal of the Angry Birds Movie. By progressing through levels one, three and four, pictures were revealed that could be shared on Facebook. (Defeating all of the pigs in level six made a large crate titled "Unlock the Flock" appear, but this did not unlock a picture.)   

Week 125 (October 6, 2014)- Pigmania Tournament- All six levels feature many pigs.   

Week 127-129 (October 20 - November 3, 2014)- Halloween Tournament 2014 (Curse of the Mummy Pig)- Instead of reprising the zombie theme in the previous Halloween tournaments, the setting is an Egyptian tomb. Like the Zompigs, however, every defeated pig is reborn as a mummy. Aside from more cosmetic changes, large blocks with hieroglyphics also appear that are indestructible and can deal massive damage to pigs and towers.   

Week 131 (November 17, 2014)- Pangolins Tournament- As part of an effort with United for Wildlife to raise awareness of the threatened species. Levels have pangolins in cages that, when broken, release curled-up pangolins that function similarly to boulders.   

Week 133 (December 1, 2014)- TNT Tournament- All levels feature TNT crates.   

Weeks 135-137 (December 15–29, 2014)- Holiday Tournament- Week 135 adds destructible ice blocks that birds, pigs and other blocks can slide on. Week 136 is Christmas-themed, with Christmas trees, presents and different costumes for the pigs. Week 137 is New Year's Day-themed, with rockets that, when hit, can be sent flying and explode on contact.   

Weeks 140-141 (January 19–26, 2015)- NHL All Star Tournament- This tournament, taking place in a hockey stadium, has an icy ground that blocks, pigs and birds slide on. Indestructible hockey pucks can sometimes be used to score points in hard-to-reach places. Some levels feature scoreboards that function similarly to the hieroglyphic stones in the previous Halloween tournament. Finally, Chuck is replaced with Hockey Bird.  

Week 143 (February 8, 2015)- Valentine's Day 2015- Besides cosmetic changes, two specific gameplay elements are introduced. Defeating Cupigs- winged Minion Pigs with bows and arrows- cause the arrows to fly in an arc and possibly deal damage to towers. Level 6 adds bouncy hearts that bounce unpredictably to make aiming harder.   

Week 146 (March 1, 2015)- Retro Games Tournament- Each level is an homage to a different video game. New items are introduced for this tournament only, including colored block tiles and pixelated icons that are worth lots of points. In order, the six video games referenced are: Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Breakout, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, and Space Invaders.   

Week 149 (March 22, 2015)- Earth Hour Tournament- Themed around the worldwide Earth Hour movement, in which people are encouraged to turn off all lights for an hour every March 24. As the player progresses in each level, popping pigs and destroying lightbulbs, the lit windows in the buildings that make up this tournament's playing field eventually go dark. On March 28, 2015, at 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM UTC+03:00 during the event. Angry Birds Friends was shut down for 1 hour.

Week 150 (March 29, 2015)- Easter Tournament 2015- Besides the pigs donning chick costumes and the return of Easter eggs to destroy, the big thing about this sponsored tournament is the presence of Starburst candies and eggs in a new springtime location.   

Week 152 (April 13, 2015)- Rocket Tournament- Introduces fireworks. Some are activated only after switches are hit.  

Week 154 (April 26, 2015)- Bubbles Tournament- All levels feature Bubbles.  

Week 155 (May 3, 2015)- Rock in Rio Tournament 2015- With the return of the music festival came another Rock in Rio Tournament, this time in a new setting.   

Week 157 (May 17, 2015)- Help Nepal Tournament- In response to the devastating Nepal earthquakes of 2015, this tournament- complete with new sprites for medical supply kits and packages- was created to raise awareness of the situation. Purchases during that week's tournament were used to help victims of the earthquakes.   

Week 159 (May 31, 2015)- Massive Tournament- All levels produce big scores. Some levels also feature giant, destructible wooden blocks with gems that can be destroyed, and/or giant stone blocks that cannot be destroyed (similar to the blocks in the Halloween 2014 tournament).   

Week 161 (June 14, 2015)- Underwater Tournament- This underwater-themed tournament adds many new sprites and features low-gravity gameplay that affects both the birds and the level itself.   

Week 163 (June 28, 2015)- Up For School Tournament- An endorsement of the UpForSchool Petition, which demanded that world leaders follow through on the promise of a good primary school education in every country by the end of 2015. New destructible objects include school-related items like apples, pencils and books. The most valuable of the new items, the globes, reward 10,000 points.

Week 166 (July 16, 2015)- Princess Tournament-   

Week 167 (July 26, 2015)- Matilda Tournament- All levels feature Matilda.  

Week 168 (August 2, 2015)- Angry Birds 2 Tournament-   

Week 170 (August 16, 2015)- Hip Hop Tournament-   

Week 172 (August 30, 2015)- Rio Tournament- Replaces pigs with Marmosets  

Week 173 (September 13, 2015)- Rock in Rio Tournament 2015 II-   

Week 174 (September 20, 2015)- Pig Sprites Tournament- Replace birds into pigs!

Week 175 (Septembet 30, 2015)- Champions for Earth-   

Week 177 (October 4, 2015)- Love Rocks Tournament- Replaces Chuck with Shakira  

Week 178 - 180 (October 11–25, 2015)- Halloween Tournament 2015-   

Week 182 (November 8, 2015)- Moustache Pig Tournament- There is one Foreman Pig in each level of this Movember-themed tournament. Other pigs (and even balloons) now sport moustaches as well. This tournament also introduces the Golden Moustache, which- when destroyed- causes Foreman Pig's own moustache to grow. This mechanic can be utilized to topple towers.  

Week 184 (November 22, 2015)- Wild West Tournament-   

Week 186 (December 6, 2015)- Jelly Bounce Tournament-   

Week 187 -189 (December 13–27, 2015)- Holiday Oink Tournament-   

Weeks 192 - 193 (January 17–25, 2016)- Tournament Mania-   

Weeks 194 - 195 (January 27 - February 3, 2015)- Carnival Days Tournament-   

Week 196 (February 10, 2016)- Valentine's Day Tournament 2016-   

Weeks 199 - 200 (March 2–9, 2016)- Space Tournament-   

Week 202 (March 23, 2016)- Easter Tournament 2016-   

Week 203 (March 30, 2016)- Movie Hype Tournament- Mainly cosmetic changes, endorsing the Angry Birds Movie. A new sprite- the popcorn piece- first appears, and it has since frequently been used in festival-themed tournaments.   

Week 204 (April 6–17, 2016)- Tournament Mania II-   

Week 206 (April 27, 2016)- Pirate Tournament 2016-   

Weeks 207-209 (May 4- May 18, 2016) Angry Birds Movie Tournaments- A series of tournaments based on the Angry Birds Movie. Changes are mostly cosmetic, but each level has a number of eggs that, when hit, grant 5000 points before being transported to a nest elsewhere in the level.   

Week 211 (June 1, 2016) Vikings Tournament- Besides the Viking theme, three runes appear throughout many of the levels. When all of the runes are hit, a summoned warhammer falls from the sky to deal great damage. Dragon Pigs similar in strength to the Sea Monster Pig or El Porkador also appear.   

Week 213 (June 15, 2016) Knights of the Golden Egg Tournament- Adds a medieval theme. Some pigs shoot arrows when triggered in a certain way (similar to Cupig's arrows in the Valentine's Day 2015 tournament).   

Week 215 (June 30, 2016) Pig Your Ride Tournament- All levels are car-themed, with various new sprites (some reused from Bad Piggies, like the motors).   

Weeks 217-218 (July 14–21, 2016) Summer Swine Tournaments-   

Week 219 (July 28, 2016) Tiger Day Tournament-   

Week 220 (August 4, 2016) Sporty Pigs Tournaments-   

Week 225 (September 8, 2016) Wish Upon A Pig Tournament-   

Weeks 227-228 (September 22–29, 2016) Autumn Harvest Tournament-   

Week 230 (October 13, 2016) Halloween Tournament 2016 (Little Crops of Horror)- Divided into three tournaments- Infection Springs (October 13), Freaky Fruits (October 17) and PorkAdemic (October 20). This tournament      

Week 231 (October 21, 2016) Halloween Tournament 2016 (Midtown Miscreants)- Divided into two tournaments- Double League Ratings (October 21) and Pigocalypse (October 24). This tournament

Week 232-233A (October 28- November 3, 2016) Halloween Tournament 2016 (The Root of Evil)- Divided into three tournaments- Slime Crime Labs Inc. (October 28), Cryo Pranks (October 31) and Missperiments (November 3). This tournament

Week 233B- 234B (November 7–14, 2016) Moustache Pig Tournament 2016- All six levels from the original tournament return, with plenty of new ones utilizing the moustache mechanic as well.            

Week 236 (November 28, 2016) Amusement Pork Tournament- This amusement park-themed tournament adds many new sprites. One interesting level has a switch-activated conveyor belt that launches popcorn pieces all across the level.            

Week 239-241 (December 15–29, 2016) Hogidays Tournament- This winter tournament returns to the basic Christmas theme. Various new sprites are added for the occasion, some borrowed from various Angry Birds Seasons episodes. The tournament-exclusive stocking creates loads of presents when destroyed. Week 241 changes the background to a fireworks-filled night sky for New Year's Eve, and the rockets make a return.                        

Week 243 (January 12, 2017) Blast Off Tournament-                        

Week 245 (January 26, 2017) Year of the Rooster Tournament-                        

Week 246 (February 2, 2017) Designed By You Tournament-  A tournament  that countians levels that were fully created by the fans.  

Week 247 (February 9, 2017) Love In The Air Tournament-  A Valentine's Day tournament that takes place on Paris   and commemorates   Angry Birds Friends's 5th Birdday.             

Week 250 (March 2, 2017) Pig Day Tournament-  A tournament that commemorates National Pig Day and contains a bunch oof pig related things, of Piggy Banks to Pinãtas (Which contains the Doughnut Pigs)                      

Weeks 252B-253A (March 20–23, 2017) Earth Hour Tournament 2017- 

Week 256 (April 13–17, 2017) Bunny Business Tournament-  A tournament that indroduces the Fairy Dust Orbs to tournaments and contains fake eggs that can be painted. This tournament also introduced the first phase of the Design Change, changing only icons.

Week 258 (April 27-May 1, 2017) Spring Has Sprung Tournament- A colorful tournament full of flowers and springs, boing!

Week 259 (May 4–8, 2017) Trappigst-1 Tournament- A tournament that continues the Year In Space Tournament and takes place on Mars, having potatoes and the expanded pigs from the Year On Space Tournament.

Week 260 (May 11–15, 2017) Pig Out Tournament- A tournament that contains a bunch of fruits.

Week 262A-B (May 25–27, 2017) Nostalgia Mania: Pig Your Ride Tournament- This tournament does a comeback.

Week 262C-D (May 29–31, 2017) Nostalgia Mania: Vikings Tournament- This tournament does a comeback.

Week 263 (June 2–5, 2017) Nostalgia Mania: The Knights of the Golden Egg Tournament- This tournament does a comeback.

Week 264 (June 8–12, 2017) Nostalgia Mania: Pirate Tournament- This tournament does a comeback.

Week 266 (June 22–26, 2017) Tropical Eggscape Tournament- A Tournament that takes place on a beach and contains Summer-related things.

Week 268 (July 6–10, 2017) Join the Evolution! Tournament- A Tournament made to celebrate Angry Birds Evolution 's worldwide launch, containing various things from the game.

More Tournaments coming soon.

Weeks 321C-322A (July 16–19, 2018) Knights of the Golden Egg Tournament- This tournament does a comeback  with an Octotournament and new levels.

Weeks 323C-324A (July 30-August 2, 2018) Tropigal Eggscape Tournament 2018- This tournament does a comeback.

Week 327A (August 23, 2018) Tiger Tournament 2018-  The tournament  that commemorates Tiger Day does a comeback with an Octotournament and new levels.

Weeks 327C-328A (August 27–30, 2018) Elephant Day Tournament 2018-   The tournament  that commemorates   Elephant Day does a comeback with an Octotournament and new levels.   


  • The background of most of the levels are in an arena full of birds in the stands. The exceptions are the Lotus F1 Team Tournament, the Halloween tournament, the Christmas Tournament, the Valentine Tournament and the other special tournaments.
  • If you get 4th place in the tournament in the Friends leaderboard, you do not receive anything. 
  • You cannot use the Mighty Eagle for tournament levels, but you can still use the other four power-ups and Wingman.
  • The Winter Tournament has a comic strip like in Rio that moves after you beat Level 6 in Winter Tournament IV.
  • Week 235 (November 17, 2016) is the earliest tournament to feature the diamond item, which grants 5,000 points when destroyed.


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