Abilities Being stronger than other pigs and restoring health.
First Appearance Angry Birds Friends Rise of the Werepigs Toournament
Gender male
Species Pig, Werepig
Locations Angry Birds Friends Rise of the Werepigs Tournament
Strength strong
Size medium

   The Werepig is a pig that appeared during the Angry Birds Friends Rise of the Werepigs Tournament.


The Werepig is a normal pig that switches into a werepig by smashing a jar in a level. This makes it stronger, so it becomes harder to defeat. It is greyish white, has bushy eyebrows and fluffy skin. Its eyes are completely black. Only the pupils are white. It has sharp teeth. It has arms and legs, which is pretty special for Angry Birds Slingshot games.

They act like the marmosets from Angry Birds Rio. If they are near an edge, they will try to not fall and will make a scared sound.


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