Template:Epic Infobox Level Western Slingshot Woods is the first optional level of Slingshot Woods in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure Chest. (3 Woods if replaying) Adventurer is introduced here. He has Pirate Veteran's move set. However, instead of dealing damage three times, his attack is to remove all helpful effects from the target.

Battle Hint

Pirates (Immune to negative effects)

Pirates use Dirty Tricks and are immune to any negative effects.

Hints: Simple attacks are the most effective to overcome these mean fellas. They are vulnerable to support abilities like damage reflection.


Adventurer.png Adventurer

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 2070



Deals 152 damage and removes all the target's positive effects.



If target ally is attacked, it counters with its own attack dealing 200% damage. Lasts 3 turns.


Dirty Tricks

Passive: Immune to negative effects.


Strategy 1

By: Unknown

Warning: Remember to use The Blues in Tricksters and not Rogues to dispel Adventurer. Otherwise he will counter you and dealing double damage.
Choose Matilda in Druid, Bomb in Pirate and The Blues in Tricksters. First, always attack with The Blues to dispel. Then heal with Matilda if the birds' health are full and if not, attack with her. Then, attack with Bomb. Repeat this over until you win or lose.

Strategy 2

By: Iamarepeater

I recommend you come here when you have the Princess class for Matilda.

Choose the following birds and classes:

Now follow the steps below:

  1. Attack with all birds.
  2. When Adventurer uses Counter, attack with Trickster/Capt'n first.
  3. Heal the attacked ally with Princess.
  4. Repeat until you win.

In Summary

Adventurer Pig can dispel helpful effects, resist harmful effects, and counter for 200% damage of normal. You'll need the right Classes and Equipment to take him down.


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