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Not to be confused with Pigs Can Fly

When Pigs Fly is the third episode of Bad Piggies, and will be the player's prime introduction to air-based vehicles, and follows directly after the events of Ground Hog Day. It has 36 levels plus 9 Cave levels.

Introduced Items

  • Balloons (single, double, triple)
  • Sandbags (single, double, triple)
  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Helicopter Propellers/Helicopter
  • Rockets/Firecrackers/Fireworks (bue and red)
  • Wind (New obstacle)



When Ross, Mechanic Pig and King Pig finally get all of the pieces of the map together, they are too late as the Eggs they were searching for have been moved. The trio decide to plan out their schemes on something sturdier than paper, choosing Wood as a result. However, Ross was unaware that the wood they were using was a TNT Crate and used a crowbar to pick it, which exploded, once again scattering all of the pieces of the plans. Ross must once again journey to recover all of the pieces.


After the pieces are recovered, they successfully found the Eggs. However, when they got there, The Blues actually painted rocks white, making fake eggs - which got King Pig angry, yet more upset.



  • The title "When Pigs Fly" was given after the episode's primary theme, similarly to Ground Hog Day.
  • The title is also a play on the common idiom, "when pigs fly", meaning that something is most likely impossible.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Jay, Jake and Jim had actually painted eggs on the end of the telescope that the pigs were using from the very beginning. This made King Pig very angry. This is one of the pranks the Jay, Jake and Jim have made, as they are pranksters, which was stated in their biography on the Angry Birds website.
  • Prior to the Rise and Swine update, this was episode two. However, as of the update, this became episode 3, and Flight in the Night became episode 4, respectively.
  • The wind appears in the episode as an obstacle which can slow down your vehicle.
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