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Will HD.png
Gender Male
Species Diademed Tanager (Stephanophorus diadematus) Hatchling
Size small
Strength Unknown
First appearance The Angry Birds Movie

Mighty Delivery (Angry Birds Blues)

Latest appearance The Last Act (Angry Birds Blues)

K-Pop, meet A-Pop (Angry Birds MakerSpace)

Will is a Purple Hatchling who has appeared in The Angry Birds MovieAngry Birds Blues, and Angry Birds MakerSpace. He is one of the main Hatchlings in the franchise.


He is a Hatchling that is a friend of Jay, Jake, and Jim. He is also seen with the other Hatchlings.


Will is a Diademed Tanager Hatchling. He has red ruby feathers hair and tail, orange beak, purple feet instead of orange, small wings, and brown irises. Sometimes, his beak is also purple.


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Developer BirdsBomBomNana