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Will's Secret Formula is the sixth episode of Angry Birds MakerSpace.


Hatchling Will makes an explosive discovery in the Chemistry Lab. Is that the sweet smell of success?


Will jumps and presses a button and it opens the Chemistry Lab. He enters it. He jumps into the brewing table's chair. He picks up a test tube with a teal substance and puts it into an Erlenmeyer flask with an orange substance. The substance brews successfully. He puts more substances in the flask and then drinks it, which causes his body to swell up. He then burps and starts to float. He tries to pick the lab glassware and objects, but they fall to the floor and break as he burps again. Red walks in and hears some noises, which he opens the Lab's door by pressing the button to see what it was. He looks at the lab and notices the mess that Will made. Will tries not to burp and get Red's attention but he accidentally farts. Red looks at the ceiling and sees Will floating. He demands the hatchling to come over where Red is. Will starts to fart, causing him to fly everywhere and make a mess. He stops by hitting his face onto the door. He falls unconscious. Red picks him up sadly, but Will farts again, which makes him annoyed and he drops the hatchling into the floor.


  • TBA



Angry Birds MakerSpace - Will’s Secret Formula - S1 Ep6

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Voice Actors Antti PääkkönenAntti LJ PääkkönenPasi RuohonenAlexei RyanAlissa KovalainenVilppu UusitaloVertti UusitaloHeljä HeikkinenHilda WirtanenElton HämäläinenMaria Palavamäki