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"Looking for a dreamboat? That's me!" Hop in and I'll whisk you away. I won't say much but I'll knock your green socks off anyway."
Willow, Angry Birds Stella "The New Pigs On The Block" Update Webpage[1]

Willow is a blue western crowned pigeon native to Golden Island and later Bird Island as the artistic daydreamer who likes to make paintings, sing songs, and spend her time talking to the Critters of Golden Island.


Main article: Willow/Angryverse

Willow has a long feathery crest which resembles the crest of a western crowned pigeon. She is often seen wearing an orange and yellow striped hat, which she uses to cover up multicolored feathers on her head. The feathers come in blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, purple and white. In the Angry Birds Stella game, some of the crest feathers can be seen during animations. While Willow has turquoise plumage, it becomes paler at the front of her torso and darker around her eyes. She has brown pupils and has squarish eyelashes below her eyes. She does not have eyebrows. She does not have any eyelashes in the Angry Birds Stella animated series.

In the films, Willow has a moderate wingspan and an oval-shaped body that tapers towards the bottom and stands on average-length slender, scaly legs that match the color of her beak. It is unknown if her hairstyle underneath her hat is exactly the same as the one in the Angry Birds Stella animated series.


Willow is very artistic and loves to daydream. Unfortunately, she has grand ideas but cannot always follow through. It aggravates her to see someone destroying her habitat. She is a free spirit but is the shyest of the group. She also feels safest when wearing a large, oversized hat, which she tends to hide under. She sometimes holds back her feelings aside from when pigs are around. She hates it when someone disturbs her when she has a creative art session. Willow appears to be the least daredevil-like of the group; as seen in one of her character sketches, she is dragging Stella by her tail, possibly to stop her from getting into a fight; and in the promotional art, she has a shocked look when she sees Luca leaning above the edge of the tree branch.

She has a few insecurities, such as having multiple colorful feathers on her head that she covers with her hat due to embarrassment. She is confident and friendly and stands up for what she believes in. She is loyal to even the newest friends, shown by her support for Artist Pig.

She is kind-hearted and not one who believes in controlling others, as the golden egg's manipulative powers do not affect her as it does to Dahlia.

Willow also likes to collect seashells.[2]

Willow's Description From the Angry Birds Official Website:'

ARTISTIC DAYDREAMER - "Willow's a lover, not a hater and also the artist of the flock. She lives in her own 'Willow World' - as a daydreamer she often has grand ideas, but can't always follow through! It ruffles her feathers to see those pigs behaving badly and destroying their habitat."

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - "Although Willow is a free spirit she's also the shyest of the group and feels safest when wearing a large, over-sized hat. While her shyness is an endearing quality, it sometimes holds her back from expressing her true feelings. However, when those piggies are around, she certainly comes out of her shell!"

Stella Super Interactive Annual Book Description


Willow's a dreamer, a lover not a hater and she's the artist of the flock. She lives in her own "Willow World" and dreams big! Willow likes big hats - and she can be a bit shy so they're great to hide beneath!

It ruffles her feathers to see those pigs behaving badly and destroying their natural habitat while they search for the Golden Egg. However, she has a pretty cool trick that she plays on them - she creates artistic images that can fool dumb pigs any day of the week!

Willow cares a lot about the environment, and she often talks with the strange critters that live on Golden Island to get a sense of what's happening there.

LOVES: Dreaming, Art.



Game appearances

Angry Birds Stella


Willow's debut was in Angry Birds Stella as the "fourth" bird to be unlocked at her house. As with most levels, after you unlock her, you get the de facto photo in the scrapbook, and later throughout the game, you get her other "forms." Her power is similar to Hal's ability but is handled differently. When the screen is tapped and held down, Willow slows down and proceeds to spin. As the screen is held, Willow will rotate clockwise. Releasing the screen will cause her to shoot herself in the direction she is facing, drilling through objects before stopping. This is known as a Vortex Spin.

Her other forms include "Piano Willow," "Teatime Willow," "Sleepy Willow," and "Artistic Willow.". She regularly appears after her debut chapter.

Angry Birds POP!


Willow was one of the prominent characters in Angry Birds Stella POP! as she was mainly in the "Free the Critters" section where, whenever how many critters the level wants you to save, you pop all the bubbles to free the creatures. Simple as that. Later on when the game was remodeled to Angry Birds POP!, she was removed from the game, and Matilda took her place for the "Free the Critters" series of levels, which were later rebranded to "Free the Hatchlings". Despite this, she still regularly appears as a special guest appearance, usually on Fridays.


Angry Birds Action!

Willow appears in Angry Birds Action! as an icon in the game once the player finished a certain level. Her icon can be discovered in the Piggy Island chapter of the game.

Angry Birds Holiday

Originally, Willow was supposed to have a crafting studio, but this game was canceled before it was put into it. Luckily, a model of Willow appears in the game asking where her favorite seashell is.

AB Go! 2 alt

Angry Birds Go! 2

Concept art details that Willow was going to be a prominent character in Angry Birds Go 2, driving an airplane in the game, but the game was subsequently canceled.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure

Willow appears in the opening cutscene of The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, but it is a reused clip from The Angry Birds Movie 2, so she is not playable.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

She only appeared in the Christmas 2019 event in a picture.[3]

Media appearances

Angry Birds Stella comics

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Angry Birds Stella Diaries

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Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words

Willow debuts in Chapter 12 in Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words, where she helps Nana learn to speak English.

Angry Birds Stella Toons

She appears as one of the main characters in this show.

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The Angry Birds Movie

She appeared as a minor character in this movie. She sang Explode in the movie.

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Angry Birds Comics Quarterly

Willow makes a cameo appearance in Angry Birds Comics Quarterly, Vol 2 as the main cover in the comic. The cover shows both Willow and Stella being weirded out by Chuck's mistletoe.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

She had a smaller role than in the first movie because she only makes cameos in this movie and she doesn't talk at all. She was seen most noticeably during the speed date scene where she was enjoying her time with Bomb.

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Powers and Abilities

  • Vortex Spin: Arc in mid-air then spin through blocks
  • Splash Pop: Transform bubbles into the next bubble color. This power is only shown in Angry Birds POP!



Stella is one of Willow's best friends. In Own The Sky, when Stella is traumatized over her flight experience and ruins Willow's painting, she does not get angry and instead is visibly concerned for her and creates a plan to help overcome her fear. Willow also comforts Stella along with the other characters after Stella sees who Gale really is in Bad Princess. She additionally appears in Stella's birthday party and urges Stella to dance with Gale.


Luca is seen to Willow as a younger brother, and she adores him. When they think that he is sleeping in The Runaway, Willow can't help but utter. When they find out that he is missing, Willow partakes in the search for him and is as worried as the rest of the flock. In the first episode of the series, Willow is also seen showing Luca her painting.


Willow and Poppy are best friends. While Willow is sick of Poppy's constant pranks and tricks, she is still friends with her and goes camping with her and Dahlia. They enjoy playing in the band together, but Willow dislikes when Poppy gets too carried away with her music playing.


Dahlia is one of Willow's best friends. They are often seen together and are always standing/sitting next to each other in multiple scenes of the Animation Series. They additionally go camping together.


Gale is one of Willow's former best friends. Their relationship isn't as explored, but Willow may not hold as much of a grudge against her as the other flock members due to her personality.

Gale knows Willow's insecurity and goes as far as to use it against her to have what she wants.

Artist Pig

While their relationship is only explored in one episode, The Portrait, Willow and Artist Pig are very good friends. Willow is only helpful to him and only helps him improve on his skills. When Gale snaps his own brush in half, Willow gives Artist Pig her own and even ruins Gale's painting by painting a snout on it to get even with her. In Premonition, Willow is glad to see Artist Pig and teaches him how to befriend the Critters. She is seen going through enough trouble in pushing Artist Pig's body all the way to the treehouse after he was turned into a stone sculpture.


Willow Admiring Bomb

Willow admiring Bomb as he describes about him eating dirt.

Willow speed-dated Bomb, listening to him talking about his unparalleled knowledge about dirt on the night the Great Egg War against the Pigs ended due to an emergency truce called by Leonard, their ruler. She then watched Bomb depart for Eagle Island on Leonard's submarine along with his friends, who were in a strike team commissioned to stop Zeta, a rogue eagle who had declared war on both the Birds and Pigs with her superweapon.[4]

They like to enjoy time together just like the other birds of Red's Flock and commemorated Christmas together just like the others.






  • Aside from being an artist, Willow may also be adept in playing the piano (scrapbook), and scriptwriting (pre-slingshot animation), and can also play the harp, as seen in the Stella Toons episode Rock On!. Her musical talent also includes singing, as demonstrated in The Angry Birds Movie.
  • Willow's signature color is the only one not to represent the color of her feathers, but instead the color of her hat, possibly because the color blue is already used for Luca.
  • She has eight hats in total, five of them can be seen from the scrapbook in Angry Birds Stella. Two were owned by herself, and one was made by Dahlia, according to Willow Takes the Stage.
  • Willow, like many other characters in Angry Birds Stella, has a consistent soundtrack. It can be heard through The Portrait, Premonition, and Free The Hatchlings in Angry Birds POP!. She also has another version of her pop soundtrack here.
  • Willow is currently the third bird in Stella's flock to have been confimed to appear in The Angry Birds Movie, after Stella and Gale, but before Dahlia and Poppy.
  • As English singer Charli XCX voices Willow in the film, she consequently has an English accent while singing the song "Explode".
  • Willow was voted to be the most favorite character out of all of Stella's flock on Twitter.
  • Willow is the second member of Stella's flock to be friends with another member of Red's flock besides Stella. The first is Luca who is friends with Red or The Blues.
  • When asked in an email to the Rovio staff whether or not Willow had autism, Lotta Backlund responded "Thank you so much for your email and for getting in touch with us! We always love hearing from our fans! Regarding your question on Willow: to our knowledge, she wasn't designed with Autism Spectrum disorder, but that is a lovely interpretation for our beloved character! We love the idea of having a bird with Autism Spectrum in mind and we will look into expanding our flock even further in the future to include more diverse characters. Thank you so much for the inspiration you gave us with your message."


For the gallery, see Willow/Gallery.


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