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Wingma appears on the '''[[Comic-Con]] ''' level of [[Pig Days]] , which he is just[[ Terence ]] with a mask.
Wingma appears on the '''[[Comic-Con]] ''' level of [[Pig Days]] , which he is just[[ Terence ]] with a mask.
[[Category:Male Birds]]
[[Category:Male Birds]]

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Wingman is a Power-Up bird on Angry Birds Friends!Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Seasons .


ABF Wingman


Abilities Weight, strength, speed and momentum
First Appearance Any Level
Gender Male
Species Mountain northern cardinal (Mukitus cardinalis cardinalum)
Locations Any Level
Strength Strong
Size Large



He is Terence with a dark blue mask with yellow stripes and a yellow W. On Angry Birds Space , he is the same as Angry Birds Friends but it's Incridible Terence without pupils.

Game Appearences

Angry Birds Friends!

He appears on Angry Birds Friends! as a Power-Up, as said above, he has the same strength as Terence but has an enhaced speed and shockwave, after he does something, he will say 'POW, SCRATCH'OOF'AARGH and other comic exclamations.He can brought by the following prices:

  • ABF Wingman X2: Bird Coins 60
  • ABF Wingman X21 (+1 Free): Bird Coins 600
  • ABF Wingman X55 (+5 Free): Bird Coins 1500
  • ABF Wingman X230 (+30 Free): Bird Coins 6000

Angry Birds Space


Wingman appears as a Power-Up, he has the same strength as The Incridible Terence, but with a new ability: He can attract things in an activated wave.

Angry Birds Seasons

Wingma appears on the Comic-Con level of Pig Days , which he is just Terence with a mask.


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