Throughout the Angry Birds series, there are winnable objects that match the episode style. If you pass an episode (e.i., Poached Eggs), you will receive the item and will be able to see it flying around on the main page. If you pass the episode with three stars on all levels, the item will be marked with at least one star, depending on the item.

Angry Birds

  1. Poached Eggs: Frying Pan
  2. Mighty Hoax: King Pig Cutout
  3. Danger Above: Blue Balloon
  4. The Big Setup: Hard Hat
  5. Ham 'Em High: Sombrero
  6. Mine and Dine: Shovel
  7. Birdday Party: Birthday Cake
  8. Surf and Turf: Drink
  9. Bad Piggies: Construction Hat
  10. Red's Mighty Feathers: TBA
  11. Short Fuse: Blue Potion
  12. Birdday 5: Birdday 5 Cake
  13. Flock Favorites: Fan
  14. Piggy Farm: Cabbage or Lettuce
  15. Jurassic Pork: Ammonite Shell

Angry Birds Seasons

  1. Trick or Treat: Jack 'o' lantern
  2. Season's Greedings: Present
  3. Hogs and Kisses: Cupid Pig
  4. Go Green, Get Lucky: Shamrock
  5. Easter Eggs: Easter Egg
  6. Summer Pignic: Sunflower
  7. Mooncake Festival: Mooncake
  8. Ham'o'ween: Skull
  9. Wreck the Halls: Candy Cane
  10. Year of the Dragon: Firework
  11. Cherry Blossom: Cherry Blossom
  12. Piglantis: Starfish
  13. Back to School: ABC Book
  14. Haunted Hogs: Ghost
  15. Winter Wonderham: Star-shaped Cookie
  16. Abra-Ca-Bacon: Juggling Pins
  17. Arctic Eggspedition: Furnace
  18. South Hamerica: Pig Astec Calendar
  19. Ham Dunk: Golden Basketball
  20. On Finn Ice: Sauna Coal Bin
  21. Tropigal Paradise: Tiki Statue
  22. Invasion of the Egg Snatchers: Gas Pump
  23. Ski or Squeal: Ski Lift
  24. Fairy Hogmother: Mushroom
  25. Marie Hamtoinette: Fountain
  26. Summer Camp: "Camp Neversleep" Badge
  27. Piggywood Studios: Piggy Oscar and Star
  28. Hammier Things: Spooky Shack
  29. Ragnahog: Mjolnir

Angry Birds Space

  1. Pig Bang: Plant
  2. Cold Cuts: Crystal Mushroom
  3. Utopia: Lollipop
  4. Red Planet: Jewel
  5. Pig Dipper: Seashell
  6. Cosmic Crystals: Diamond
  7. Beak Impact: Miner Hat/Pickaxes
  8. Brass Hogs: Brass Hogs Planet
  9. Solar System: New Horizons
  10. Danger Zone: Mine
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