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For the similar episode featured in Season 2010, see Season's Greedings.
 For the similar episode featured in Season 2011, see Wreck the Halls.

Winter Wonderham is the fifteenth episode in Angry Birds Seasons, this is the third Christmas-themed episode, and the sixth and final episode of the Season 2012 package. It was first revealed on the Game Center leaderboards and was reported by Angry Birds Nest on November 19, 2012.

New features include Icicles and a new Ice Element coming from the ground. With this element in play, Birds that hit it will slide faster than rolling on normal ground. Sometimes, when hit, it's possible that Pigs and Obstacles, such as blocks, will slip and slide down, and the fortress will be easier to be unbalanced or collapsed.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Winter seems to be coming around quicker every year. Twelve more months have passed and Smooth Cheeks still hasn't got the eggs. But he hasn't given up yet. His little elves have magicked the eggs away to a land of ice, snow, and giant candy canes.

New Features

  • Icicles are hazards in this season . When they are hitted they will fall down causing damage to all structures and pigs.
  • Ice is also introduced. If any bird pig and blocks will fall on it they will slip but TNT will explode and bombs and matilda eggs.
  • New Christmas Objects


  • Before the episode colors were removed in an update, the representative color they used in Winter Wonderham is light blue.
  • Winter Wonderham is the third Christmas-based episode in Seasons in three consecutive years. The other two are Season's Greedings for 2010 (Season 2011) and Wreck the Halls for 2011 (Season 2011).
    • This is the fourth episode having levels unlocked by advent-calendar, with the first being Season's Greedings (from Season 2010), the second being Summer Pignic (from Season 2011), and the third being Wreck the Halls (Season 2011).
      • In addition, this is also the first episode in Season 2012 to have levels unlocked by advent-calendar.
      • Excluding the Season's Greedings animation, this is the very first time the Bad Piggies stole the Angry Birds' eggs during Christmas/a Christmas-based episode. 
  • This episode contains 3 secret levels (4 for Android users, if you count the HP Intel Egg). One of them is a Big Red Bauble (the name for Christmas Balls, AKA Spherical Christmas Ornaments) with star patterns on it. This is unlocked by earning 3 Stars on every level in the episode, like all Big Item golden eggs. The second golden egg can be found somewhere in level 1-18. The third Golden Egg was unlocked on Dec. 31 for the New Year's Eve of 2012. The last is an HP Intel Egg which unlocks 4 new Intel Christmas Levels. This level is exclusive to Android users.
  • The title Winter Wonderham is a corruption of the phrase and song "Winter Wonderland".
  • Level 4 is a special level based on Harbin City, China: the location of the Ice and Snow World Theme Park, which is the theme park that celebrates the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. This level will be in honor of the Angry Birds Seasons theme park in the Ice and Snow World Theme Park.
    • Level 4 is also the level shown on the screenshots on iTunes that has the ice fortress/castle in the background.
  • The app icons are now updated with the word "Seasons" on them.
  • When Bomb or Matilda's egg bombs explode, the background now shakes. (The screen will also shake when Bubbles balloons up) This also happens in the v.3.0.0 update in Angry Birds Classic.
    • When TNT Crates blow, they will also shake the screen. Again, this also happens in Classic now.
  • With this update, Bubbles stays inflated for a shorter amount of time, similar to Angry Birds Space. This also happens in the v.3.0.0 update for Angry Birds Classic.
  • Like Haunted Hogs, when you fail a level, a different picture is shown, which is a normal pig eating a candy cane (similar to the episode button).
  • The Big Brother Bird, Black Bird, and Orange Bird do not appear in the Intel Golden Egg levels.
  • The winnable item is a star-shaped cookie.
  • Like Piglantis, Hogs, and Kisses, Year of the Dragon and Moon Festival, this was one of the episodes to have 2 different versions of the theme song. The other version of the theme song was heard during the Winter Tournament of Angry Birds Friends and on the PC version of Angry Birds Seasons.
  • It is also one of the two episodes to include four new levels upon the release of Power-ups in Angry Birds Seasons, with the other being Haunted Hogs. There are 3 levels to be unlocked by collecting a certain amount of stars, and 1 level for collecting 10 feathers by using Mighty Eagle. This feature was also used in Angry Birds Rio.
  • Before v.3.2.0, the background color was purple. But once the update came, the color changed to blue, changing parts of the environment. It was said that this was meant to happen to allow the blue color to bring the Aurora Borealis to life better than the purple one. Also, the mobile versions have a different version of the theme song, while the PC version has the original version.
  • If you have PC, make the screen small and wide and Harbin City will appear in the far left.
  • With the v6.6.0, the theme song has been changed to an instrumental version of Fly Me Home Tonight.
  • The 3.1.0 update changed Hal's feathers from yellow to green. This also happens in Classic 2.1.0 Update.
  • This update added SEASONS to the app icon.

Golden Eggs

  • On Level 18, a Golden Egg could be found. You must zoom out, and then use Bomb carefully to get the Golden Egg.
  • The 2013 Golden Egg was unlocked.
  • "The Big Ornament" can be unlocked after three-starring all levels.
  • Android Exclusive HP Intel egg that unlocks 4 levels, earning by opening level 1-5 on an Android device. 






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