Winter Wonderland - 4 is the fourth level of Winter Wonderland in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 3 Ice Chilis. Frostpig is introduced here. He is a wizard pig who can do a multi-attack on any of the player's birds. He can also prevent the use of the Rage Chili for 3 turns although he needs to charge it for 2 turns.

Battle Hint

Wildlings (Gain bonus attack power while the Rage Chili fills up.)

These native pigs have Wilding to deal up to 50% more damage (1% bonus attack per 2% Rage Chili filled) depending on your filled rage Chili.

Hint: Keep the attack bonus of the Wilding ability low by spending your Rage ability right before Wildings use a big attack.


The player has to engage 2 Ice Pigmies and 1 Frostpig. Each enemy's stats are shown below.

Ice Pigmies.png Ice Pigmies

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 464


Cold Touch

Deals 3x 20 damage with a 20% chance to remove all target's positive effects.



Charge: 3 turns. Summons 1 Ice Pigmies ally.



Passive: Attack power increases as the Rage Chilli fills.

Frostpig.png Frostpig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 725



Deals 3x 35 damage.


Freezing Cold

Charge: 2 turns. Deals 38 damage to all enemies and blocks their rage abilities for 3 turns.


Choose Matilda in Druid, Bomb in Cannoneer and The Blues and Rogues. Heal with Matilda if the birds' healths are not full and if they're full, attack with them. Then attack with the others. Use the Rage Chili on Matilda when it is full. Repeat this over until you win or either lose.

In Summary

Ice Pig can block the Rage Ability of his target, so watch out!



  • From Version ???, The Frostpig was replaced by an Ice Shaman,when completed the Ice Shaman goes away and you will obtain an Ancient Relict, which turns fuse set items into a new and more powerful ones.
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