The Wreck the Halls Short Movie is an Angry Birds short aired on the Nicktoons station as part of Nickelodeon Extra in 2011.



The Short begins with the pigs sleding down a mountain after stealing the birds' Christmas Presents. When the Blue Birds (the Blues) were looking that their presents were stolen, they became upset and sad. The poor little Blue Birds then began to have sad eyes (in technical terms, watery eyes as if they're about to cry) and began to whimper and sniffle, looking like they're about to cry, except for Blue Jay, who is already crying and sobbing loudly because of the Birds' presents being stolen. Then this enrages Bomb so much that he explodes. The pigs stop the sleigh when they hear the explosion far away on a hill. They then continue moving happily as they thought that it was nothing important. Blue Jay cried even louder.

Red and Bomb then ski down the hill chasing the pigs. Bomb knocks into many obstacles, including a snow mound that sends him flying trought the air and landing right behind the pig's sleigh. He manages to knock the sack of presents off the sleigh, but there is still one present left. Seeing this, Bomb tries to pull it off by the ribbon.

The sleigh approaches the pigs' ice fortress located on the edge of a large cliff. The Corporal Pigs open the door to let the pigs in, but then, they as well as the pigs on the sleigh see Bomb holding on. Bomb's fuse ignites and the pig's sleigh enters the fortress with him still hanging on to the last present, and Red arrives just in time to see Bomb blow up the fortress.

Bomb then appears out of the smoke with the present and The Blues arrive with the sack of presents. The Blues, Red, and Bomb became very happy and started to have happy laughter together. Then all of a sudden, the cliff holding the Pigs' fortress collapses. Out of The Christmas Spirit and encouraged by Red, Bomb drops the present he had been hanging onto down the cliff for the Pigs, and when the present fell on a ribbon, 3 stars were presented. At the end of the short (YouTube only), the Angry Birds Peace Song was sung.

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Angry Birds Wreck The Halls animation

Angry Birds Wreck The Halls animation



  • This is the first Angry Birds cartoon that was aired on TV.
  • Like the Ham'o'ween Short Movie, this episode shows the title at the beggining rather than the end.
  • A full song was made for the credits, titled the "Angry Birds Peace Song".
  • Usually Bomb is weak on ice/glass and can only explode a little of it, But in this short Bomb exploded the whole ice/glass fortress.
  • "Wreck The Halls is named for the song "Deck the Halls"
  • The characters have their Toons appearance.
  • This cartoon has also been released on the first season and volume of Angry Birds Toons on DVD.

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