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For other Christmas episodes featured in other seasons, see Season's Greedings, Winter Wonderham, Arctic Eggspedition, On Finn Ice, Ski or Squeal and Ragnahog.

Wreck the Halls is the second Christmas-themed episode of Angry Birds Seasonsand is the seventh and final episode of the Season 2011 package. It was first referenced via leaked material through Game Center achievements and pictures.[1] It was released on December 1 and has Advent calendar style levels, just like its predecessor, Season's Greedings.[2] According to The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, the episode takes place in the Winter Wonderland region of Piggy Island.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

The Blues were helping Red and Bomb transport some presents back to the nest when the sound of a strange carol distracted them. Suddenly a trio of Piggy thieves nabbed the birds' pressies. Red and Bomb gave chase on skis, but could they recover the goodies before the pigs made it back to King Pig's Winter Palace?

At the end of the short movie, Red, Bomb and the Blues decide to give the pigs a final present out of Christmas spirit. The ending photo seems to be an aftermath of the episode; it depicts the birds and pigs celebrating Christmas together with no commotion with the eggs.

Golden Eggs

  • Level 1-15: Zoom out and you will see the Golden Egg in the top-right in an ice block. Use the Yellow Bird to hit the snow block under the Egg, causing it to fall and break.
  • Get three stars on all levels.
  • Visit on or after December 31, 2011.

Wreck the Halls Short Movie

Main article: Wreck the Halls Short Movie


Episode Cards




  • Before the episode cards were changed after Arctic Eggspedition, Wreck the Halls' episode card was lavender, specifically #8384bd.
  • Wreck the Halls is a play-on-words with "Deck the Halls", a Christmas song, as the birds wreck wreaths.
  • This episode is the second to be leaked through achievements, with the first being Moon Festival.
  • There are four achievements for the episode:
    • Cookie Crumbler (break 300 cookies)
    • Merry Happy! (finish Wreck the Halls)
    • Total Destruction (get 3 stars in all levels of Wreck the Halls)
    • Score Addict (earn 2,466,000 points)
  • In the latest version, in level 1-25, there is an error where the camera is broken. You can't see the Medium Pig and King Pig because they're off screen, but it is still possible to beat this level.Template:Citation needed
  • This has the only ending cutscene that shows the Birds having a good time with the Bad Piggies.
  • This is the only Seasons episode that has a pun not based on the birds or the pigs.
  • Until version 2.1.0, Angry Birds Seasons had 980 points in GameCenter. This means that after Wreck the Halls, no new achievements were being added. It seemed that Angry Birds Seasons' room in GameCenter had overflowed, until Abra-Ca-Bacon (3.3.0), where two final achievements were added.
  • This is the first episode in any game in the Angry Birds series to have a bird on the episode card. The second would be Pigini Beach, and the third would be Pig Tales.


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