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Gender Male
Species Owl (Dressed as Yoda)
Size small
Abilities Lightsaber spinning for several seconds
Strength Strong
First appearance Level B1-11

Yoda is a character that appears in the first game but is also a primary character in the second game. He is not portrayed by any bird, although he shares a resemblance to a wise owl and has the shape of an egg. His ability is to ricochet off the structures, bouncing off them. He can bounce several times, rather than once.


Angry Birds Star Wars

He is an egg-shaped green bird with a light belly, yellow small curved beak with markings, large alsmot closed eyes with light green irises, long ears with light interiors and ripples on his forehead. His body seems to not have feathers.

He wears a brown jedi coat and is often seen with a wooden walker stick.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

He has a different more cartoonish and Toons design, he is a different tint of olive green and he wears a beige coat with brown clothes underneath.


Angry Birds Star Wars

He appears in every Path of the Jedi level but isn't playable, he is only an assisting character. Sometimes he is controlling a Darth Vader doll with the force and holding objects in the air.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

He is now fully playable and unlocked in level B2-11 of Naboo Invasion.

His ability is functioned when the player taps any place on the screen, he will then activate his lightsaber and start spinning for a short period of type, ricocheting when he hits a hard part. He can destroy wood and glass very well.

He can also be brought in the shop for a determined number of uses or infinite.


He is a respected Jedi master and one of the wisest beings in the galaxy. However, sometimes this green-tinted master can act a little absent-mindedly. Only Yoda knows where The Egg is hidden. He also wants to tell Red Skywalker about the secret but does not think he is ready.

He wears the same robes all the time. When it comes to combat, Yoda is very skillful with a lightsaber. He uses the full might of the force to outwit his opponents. Yoda proves to be a tough teacher by training Red Skywalker. His adopted planet is Dagobah and his special skills are Wisdom and Lightsaber. His ally is Red Skywalker, even though Obi-Wan and Quail-Gon were also meaningful.





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