Unofficial name
"Yoga Instructor" is not an official name yet. It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

Yoga Instructor is a bird and wife of Alex that appears on The Angry Birds Movie. She is voiced by Jillian Bell.

Yoga Instructor
The Angry Birds Movie Yoga Instructor
Abilities unknown
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Female
Species Cattle Tyrant (Machetornis rixosa)
Locations Bird Island
Strength None, peaceful.
Size Tall




Yoga Instructor has yellow feathers, a lighter torso, brown hair, orange beak and feet and black eyebrows.


She is the wife of Alex and wakes up early to work, which is teaching future-parent birds on how to do yoga, she is carefree and happy.

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