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Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfoboxYou Asked For It is the thirteenth and the final episode of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty-sixth overall. It premiered on March 11, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

"Gale shows how cool she is by demonstrating her most prized possession. Did I say cool? I meant stark raving mad, drunk with power, and acting with total disregard for the well-being of others. Yeah, that's more like it. This cannot continue."


As Stella and Gale enter the castle, Stella is reunited with the rest of her friends. Gale presents to everyone the Golden Egg, which is lowered down. A pig comes out with a platter of fruit sitting on its head. Gale demonstrates its ability by turning the entire platter into gold, and back again, repeating this constantly and stressing out the pig in the process. The constant weight change causes the pig to drop the entire platter onto the carpet, which angers Gale to the point where she turns the pig into gold.

Stella is enraged by this, however Willow shows her that multiple pigs already have been frozen in gold underneath a table, covered by a blanket. The flock formulates a plan to get the egg.

They go to a balcony underneath Gale's bedroom, and Willow spreads out her hat onto some wooden structures to form a trampoline. To increase the amount of weight, Poppy bounces onto it first, and then Stella, who then is able to jump into the window of Gale's room. She accidentally bumps into a chest, causing Gale to wake, who then pretends that she is asleep. As she looks for the egg. she realizes that it is gone, only to reveal that Gale has woken and now has the egg.

From below, the flock sees flashes of gold light coming from the window, and Minion Pigs begin to arrive to the scene.

Stella flees from Gale, and ends up jumping out the window and following structures to the very top of the castle as Gale follows. Stella ends up being cornered, but she steps on a loose plank, shoving the Golden Egg out of Gale's reach. Both jump for the egg, but Stella is able to catch it. Gale throws herself at Stella, and by instinct, Stella uses the egg as self defense, as Gale runs straight into it. She turns into gold, and falls off the castle. Handsome Pig starts to cry and Stella runs to aid her, returning the Golden Pigs back to normal in the process.

She sees the pigs mourning around Gale's body, and she is about to tap Gale when Poppy stops her. Stella thinks out her decision, and thinks back about her and Gale. She decides to return Gale to her normal self, who sees Stella but then lays her eyes onto the egg, traumatizing her and causing her to run away towards the mountain, with the pigs including Handsome Pig following her.

After returning everything back to normal, Stella and her friends use a slingshot to launch the Golden Egg over the ocean.

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  • This episode's date was 2015 in the credits instead of 2016.
  • Artist Pig isn't listed in the credits even though he appears near the very end of the episode.