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Zain is an Angry Birds Evolution Bird that can be obtained at any time in the hatchery.


Zain has never been one of the beautiful people, but he sure likes to dine on them!

Wishes: he was bigger with more middle feathers



Based on Marylin Manson, he is a tall black bird with a lighter belly, long wings, a purpleish orange long beak with a crack that curves up, long talons of the same colour, two large eyes, one with a blue iris and the right one with a black iris. He also has dark long blue feather hair pulled to the left with various feathers and a large black feather tail with also large feathers. 


He is now angry, there are more three injuries on the beak, there are three black stripes on the belly and there are now gray neck small feathers with black ones like a scarf .

Insane Crit Bomb Evolution[]

Based on a Plague Doctor, he now wears a black long top hat with a silver belt,  a black plague doctor mask with a long beak and goggles, a black belt with feathers and a suspender on the torso and silver bracelets on the wings.

Expansive Crit Bomb Evolution[]

Based on Dracula, he has now eyelashes, he is happy, has two large fangs and a black hard hair. He wears a purple tuxedo with white button, dark triangles and a white collar.


It's the current but wore an earring on the left of his forehead


High Crit Bomb Rank 1[]

Cause an explosion, dealing 318 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal an increased 1327 damage.

High Crit Bomb Rank 1(Evolution)[]

Cause an explosion, dealing 1031 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal an increased 4293 damage.

Insane Crit Bomb Rank 1[]

Cause an explosion, dealing 1166 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal an increased 8162 damage.

Expansive Crit Bomb Rank 1[]

Cause an explosion, dealing 1166 damage to all enemies in range. Critical hits deal an increased 4422 damage.

Leader Skill[]

Damage Bonus Black[]

All black birds in team get +30% attack power.

Awaken Skill[]

Buffs the critical damage of teammates left and right from the bird by 20%.

Bird Information[]


When he is in his first level, it is less than 350, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.


When he is in his first level, it is less than 160, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power[]

When he is in his first level, he gives less than 840 Bird Power to the team, but he can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 400 Black Evolution material to evolve him. It then costs 1000 Evolution Material and 10 Black Evolution Essence to evolve him to a last evolution.

The income of Black Evolution Material and Coins when selling him varies according to his level.

Appearances In Other Games[]

Angry Birds 2[]

Zain appears in the Angry Birds Evolution Spell event where the player could launch Batty Bats off the slingshot and a bunch of them would fall from the sky.



In the Beta[]

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