Abilities Genius-level intelligence
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie 2
Gender Female
Species Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
Locations Eagle Island
Strength Unknown
Size Medium

   Zeta is a purple eagle who serves as the main antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie 2, voiced by Leslie Jones. She is the ruler of Eagle Island who plans on destroying both Bird Island and Piggy Island so she can claim them and rebuild them as her own paradise.


Zeta is a tall purple Eagle with green eyes, black eyelashes, and a curved light purple beak with three sharp teeth teeth sticking out of it. Her long body is mostly white in front and purple in back, and on the end of it, there are a lot of white and purple feathers above two legs with claws of the same color of the beak.


Zeta lived on a remote polar island and has somehow managed to have amassed resources to construct a home there that's more technologically advanced than that of the Birds who lived at Bird Village. Despite the amenities that it promises, Zeta expressed frustration with the frozen environment and the never-ending problem of seals stealing her food and begins charting plans for conquest, striking nearby Bird Island with an ice ball cannon constructed at the center of the island. Her plans of conquest is transform Bird Island and Piggy Island into her own resort islands, full of fun things and summer fun.


Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2 , Zeta appears as a boss in The Angry Birds Movie 2 Event
, where she replaces all of the boss pigs.  She has new sounds and expressions, along with a Toons styled design.

Interestingly, the regular pig enemies still appear as enemies in the event, even though the pigs are against Zeta in the movie.

Angry Birds POP!

Zeta appears on Angry Birds POP! with a new Toons design, different from Angry Birds 2's design. She is a playable character which she has the Freeze Pop, that freezes a line of bubbles upon contact.

Angry Birds Blast!

Zeta appears on the Treasure Hunt and Throne Rush.


  • Before the villain was revealed to be Zeta, many fans assumed her to be Gale due to the fact that they are both purple.
  • Debbie Is Zeta's daughter


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