"Not even death will do us apart"
Dead or alive, I will always come back for you.
Zombie Pig's description, Angry Birds Stella Website [1]
Zombie Pigs
Zombie Pig
Abilities Rises from underground after a pig is popped (Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Stella), Reviving (Angry Birds Epic).
First Appearance Angry Birds Friends
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Angry Birds Friends Halloween Tournament
Strength Various
Size Various (Small Pig, Medium Pig, Large Pig, Corporal (Skull) Pig, Foreman Pig, Fat Pig)

   Zombie Pigs, also known as Zompigs, Zigs  (as stated by the Night of The Living Zigs comic) and Cursed Pigs, are enemies from Angry Birds.

They only appear on the Angry Birds Friends Halloween Tournament for a limited time, some Angry Birds Epic levels and Random Levels on the Angry Birds Stella. These enemies rise up after the living Bad Piggies somehow died. There are animated zompigs for every pig except major Pigs such as the King Pig and Chef Pig.



Zombie Pigs rise from underground after the pigs were being popped. In Angry Birds Epic, some Zombie Pigs are revived after 3 turns.


They are defeated pigs that came back to life because of a curse caused. They have different colours from green, because of skin decay, the larges one are blue, the medium ones are yellow and have purple snot coming from their snouts and small ones are purpleish white.  They also have purple eyebags around the eyes because of the same cause as above.

Zombie Corporal Pig is light blue with two purple spots and a skull as a helmet and zombie Scientist Pig doesn't wear flasses and is purple, along with the fact that his hair is up.  While, most of them are cause of defeat, Zombie Fat Pig was created by Scientist Pig with parts of semeral defeated Zombie Pigs. They have the same strength as when alive but make the level harder.


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In Halloween Tournament 2012, the Zombie Pigs were introduced, they rised from the ground when trhe player defeated one of them. Scientist Pig and Zombie Fat Pig appeared on level 6 together, but Fat Pig was already a zombie. In the Halloween Tournaments 2013, the Zombie Pigs came back with the same ability but the Scientist Pig and Zombie Fat Pig didn't appear. In Halloween Tournaments 2014, they came back but as Mummy Pigs, which appear as Medium and Small but lacks a Large and Corporal Pig. In the Iron Maiden Halloween Touranaments 2018, they came back as, Muddy Zombie, Mummy and normal with two new sizes: Large for Mummy Pigs and blue small for normal Zombie Pigs.

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Cursed Pig

Zombie Pigs only appeared in Bonus Levels on the map. This time, they're known as Cursed Pigs. When popped, they rise as Zombie Pigs.

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